ELYT is Online with Open Beta Period

2 min readJul 14, 2022


The Open Beta Period for ELYT, a New Generation of Customer Loyalty and Marketing Tool that utilizes NFTs, is now live.

Introduced in Barcelona in March, ELYT becomes online in the second quarter of 2022, respecting the planned roadmap. ELYT.net, which went live after more than a year of planning by a professional team and nearly nine months of infrastructure development, provides application areas for NFTs based on actual business models.

Launched with an Open Beta Period, ELYT.net expects to collect user feedback and experiences throughout this process. Even though this is an Open Beta period, all NFTs and their validities are permanent.

ELYT opened its doors to the public with the help of well-known Influencers in Turkey and is currently offering various NFT packages, cards, and gifts in conjunction with various campaigns.

On ELYT.net, NFT packages by Mesut Çevik and Koray Birand are distributed as gifts to their paid subscribers on Youtube and Twitch. Ekin Kollama distributes his NFT packages with Serial Codes to his Dlive subscribers. Those who follow ELYT’s Twitter Account and join the Telegram Announcement Channel will also receive a free Launch Pack as a special promotion for the online launch. Two distinct packages are airdropped to Avaxtars Gen 1 NFT owners via a Snapshot captured on June 2, 2022.

ELYT Cup, ELYT Bag, ELYT Thermos, and Series S and Series X models of Xbox, Microsoft’s next-generation game console, are currently available as gifts.

The ELYT platform will offer more packages, cards, and gifts in the future. We invite everyone to create a free account on ELYT.net and explore the limitless opportunities presented by the new real business models for NFTs.

The ELYT platform can be accessed via https://elyt.net
For more information, you can contact info@elyt.net