ELYT Redefines The NFT and Metaverse World

4 min readMar 23, 2022

ELYT aims to bridge the gap between the traditional and blockchain worlds. ELYT is providing a completely new business model by utilizing NFTs in a real business model.

Ahmet Usta, a technology writer known for his work on Blockchain technology, and Mesut Cevik, a well-known influencer in Turkey with more than 20 years of experience in the media industry, developed and announced ELYT, a blockchain-based customer loyalty and marketing platform solution, during the Avalanche Summit event in Barcelona, Spain.

ELYT provides a plethora of innovative tools to help brands and influencers make better use of NFTs. Without investing in technical infrastructure, brands and influencers on ELYT will be able to create NFTs and share them with their customers and followers.

There Are Obstacles to Entering the Current NFT World

“There are three major obstacles to stepping into the world of NFT right now” said ELYT Co-Founder Ahmet Usta. “In order to get NFT, users need to have a certain level of technical knowledge. In order to reach these communities with a limited number of users, brands and influencers must bear the costs of product development and technological infrastructure. Finally, brands and influencers are expected to invest more time and effort in valuing NFTs.

ELYT solves these problems and allows brands and influencers to easily enter the NFT ecosystem thanks to its innovative business model.

“We have developed a solution where users who have never met blockchain, tokens, or NFTs, and who do not have knowledge about buying crypto assets and exchanging them with NFTs, will now be able to step into this world easily” said ELYT Co-Founder Mesut Cevik. “Users will be able to own NFTs offered by brands and influencers and exchange their NFTs with other ELYT platform users by simply connecting their social media accounts to the ELYT platform.

By utilizing rules, ELYT allows brands and influencers to create NFT collections in seconds and share them with their users and followers.

ELYT: A Unique Marketing Tool

“We offer a unique marketing tool to both brands and influencers, and we use NFTs to do so” says Ahmet Usta. “All off the user’s interactions, both in the digital and physical worlds, can be defined as rules on ELYT. Following a social media account or shopping at a store are two examples. It is possible to distribute NFTs for free under these rules.

“Basically, ELYT offers a customer loyalty program with unlimited options because it is possible to not only distribute NFTs in accordance with the rules, but also to convert these NFTs into collections and offer their owners various benefits in exchange for these collections. As a result, distributed NFTs begin to provide value to their owners.” Mesut Cevik said.

ELYT Makes a Difference with its Rules and Behavior Engine

It is now possible to define interaction pairs with infinite possibilities and present them to millions of people thanks to ELYT’s Ru-Be Engine (Rule & Behavior Engine).

ELYT will also provide very special opportunities to platform users through their NFTs. Users who have got NFTs through their purchases, as well as the influencers they follow and support, will be able to use these collections to purchase digital and physical gifts on ELYT.

ELYT burns (deprecates) these NFTs by using them in a digital or physical product, reducing NFT emissions and increasing the value of the remaining NFTs.

ELYT Provides a Real Metaverse Experience

“If we’re going to talk about Metaverse, we can call it the real Metaverse for the ELYT experience.” Mesut Cevik said, “Because your digital assets begin to have real value in both the real world and other digital environments, and users are free to move them wherever they want.

“The feedback we have received for ELYT has exceeded our expectations. We will collaborate with a variety of brands and influencers. Furthermore, international investment funds are showing strong interest in our project, and negotiations are ongoing. We hope that ELYT will be a project that has a worldwide impact” says Ahmet Usta.

In summary, ELYT

ELYT is an NFT-based next-generation loyalty and marketing platform. Brands and influencers can distribute NFT packages to their followers and customers even if they do not have a crypto wallet by enforcing various rules. NFT cards from these NFT packs can be combined to form various collections, which can then be used to receive digital or physical gifts. The ELYT API (Q3 2022) allows you to create new rules and connect them to websites, mobile apps, or real-world interactions.

The ELYT platform can be accessed via https://elyt.net
For more information, you can contact info@elyt.net