ELYT.net Completed the Seed Investment Round with a Valuation of $8 Million USD

2 min readSep 19, 2022


ELYT.net, a new generation customer loyalty and marketing platform, completed the seed investment tour led by Finberg at a valuation of $8 million dollars.

ELYT.net is a customer loyalty and marketing platform with an innovative business model that completed its open beta phase at the end of August 2022. Finberg, who invested a total of $47 million in 27 startups and 7 funds and managed a $250 million fund, led ELYT.net’s seed investment tour. Corporate VCs and strategic leaders have contributed to the seed investment round of ELYT.net. The estimated value is $8 million USD.

In addition to various corporate VCs, Valensas Founding Partners Akın İdil and Bilge Algül İdil, Finartz Founder Cihan Demir, and United Payments Founder İlker Sözdinler were among the participants in the seed investment tour led by Finberg.

ELYT.net, which was announced for the first time in March 2022 by Ahmet Usta, a technology writer known for his work on Blockchain technology, and Mesut Çevik, one of the most influential names in the Turkish IT press with more than 20 years of experience, offers an innovative business model that employs blockchain technology and NFT assets.

Finberg Board Member İhsan Elgin, who led the ELYT.net seed investment tour, stated, “Under the ELYT brand, Ahmet Usta and Mesut Çevik have implemented their years of experience and creative visions in the field of new technologies. We believe that ELYT, which will focus on businesses with a clear use case in the NFT industry, will be a very important business partner and will carry loyalty program applications into the future. Soon, we will observe that NFT technology has drastically altered the concept of ownership. We are thrilled to be in the midst of this transition with ELYT.

Co-founder of ELYT.net Ahmet Usta stated, “We provide both brands and influencers with a novel marketing tool, and by doing so, we enable them to utilize NFTs. With the investment we have received, we will continue our software development processes while focusing on growth.

Co-founder of ELYT.net Mesut Çevik stated, “Essentially, ELYT makes it possible to implement an unlimited-option customer loyalty program in a short period of time. We are extremely pleased to have strategic investors who will accelerate our growth.”

The ELYT platform can be accessed via https://elyt.net
For more information, you can contact info@elyt.net