ELYT.net and Fiba CP have joined forces to create an exemplary NFT campaign that will set a precedent in the industry.

4 min readJul 11, 2023


Fiba Commercial Properties, which carries out leasing and management activities for numerous commercial real estate projects in Turkey and abroad, continues to provide sustainable, innovative, and game-changing solutions to all stakeholders in the industry. In collaboration with ELYT.net, an investment by Finberg in which Fibabanka is an investor, Fiba CP is actively working on implementing projects related to digital applications and the metaverse. As part of these efforts, the NFT campaign implemented at İnegöl Shopping Mall, which sets an example for the industry, has started to be studied as a case study in the global arena.

Fiba Commercial Properties, a leading player in the commercial real estate sector, stands out with its innovative solutions and provides customers with a unique experience by adapting to the rapidly evolving trends of the digital world. The NFT campaign implemented in collaboration with ELYT.net, an investment by Finberg in which Fibabanka is an investor, at İnegöl Shopping Mall is also highlighted as one of the pioneering applications in the industry, being the first of its kind in the world.

The NFT campaign held at İnegöl Shopping Mall garnered significant attention and resulted in a total of 506 NFT packages and 2,188 NFT distributions.

“We are continuing our digital investments without interruption.”

Fiba CP CEO and Board Member Yurdaer Kahraman emphasized their continuous commitment to digital investments and highlighted their position as a leading brand in adapting to the digital age. He stated, “In a rapidly changing world, all business processes are swiftly becoming digital and reshaping accordingly. The pandemic has allowed us to utilize these technological possibilities even faster and more creatively, leading us through a transformative journey that none of us could have imagined. We have quickly adapted to this transformation. In terms of technology, we have pioneered many firsts in the industry, particularly in Robotic Process Optimization. Metaverse is a concept that has emerged in our lives in the past few years and has rapidly gained significant momentum. It offers a new and intriguing path to reach a younger and digitally connected consumer base. By bringing the physical store experience into the virtual realm, we can provide customers with more interactive and innovative experiences. By offering experiences such as virtual shopping, interactive activities, and social interactions on the metaverse, we can enhance customer loyalty. We can provide more personalized and engaging experiences by meeting customers’ desires to shop, participate in events, and socially interact in the virtual world. In line with this, we continue our efforts. With the support of Fiba Group’s subsidiaries, we have launched an NFT project that is significant to all of us. We encountered great interest in the NFT campaign we initiated at İnegöl Shopping Mall. As part of the campaign, we distributed a total of 506 NFT packages and 2,188 NFTs to our customers. With our robust technological infrastructure, we continue to work on various projects in our shopping malls. In the coming period, we will continue to invest in technology, adapt to the era with our investments, and lead Fiba CP into the future.

“We will emphasize next-generation loyalty and experiential programs.”

Kahraman continued his statement by explaining that the concept of the metaverse is a digital universe that emerges from the combination of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. He stated, “As Fiba Commercial Properties, we aim to lead this new trend and make a difference in the commercial real estate sector by increasing customer interaction. It is especially important for the appeal of traditional shopping mall experiences to increase, particularly among Generation Z. Shopping malls need next-generation loyalty and experiential programs to attract more regular visitors and encourage them to spend more time within the facilities. While brands strive to create customer loyalty programs, it is impractical for customers to participate, keep track of, and utilize different programs from each brand. Shopping malls should provide solutions that bring together loyalty programs from various brands and offer shared experiences, just as they bring together physically different brands. The rapid changes in the world now require us to move beyond being observers and followers and quickly implement innovations. Therefore, it is crucial for us to try out innovative business models as early as possible and provide our visitors with immersive experiences. The field application we launched through ELYT.net ended in just three days, surpassing the planned one-month implementation period. This demonstrated how high our visitors’ interest in innovative concepts and technologies is. We tried a world-first and achieved successful results. We implemented what everyone was talking about extensively. We now understand better that the metaverse is not just about building a virtual world but creating a new experience with an innovative perspective. We will continue to explore and create new application areas with our industry peers and visitors.

“Traditional models are losing their effectiveness.”

Ahmet Usta, Co-Founder of ELYT.net, stated that they have observed through research that traditional loyalty models no longer create a competitive advantage. He expressed his views as follows, “With ELYT.net, we enable consumers to earn convertible NFT collection cards from the brands they are customers of. This creates a new motivation and communication channel for these brands. Thanks to this approach, we achieved successful results beyond our expectations in the campaign we conducted with İnegöl Shopping Mall. At the same time, we made a groundbreaking move in the world with the visionary approach of the Fiba CP team. With the experience we gained in the field, we have added powerful new features to ELYT.net, and we aim to implement different applications not only in Turkey but also in foreign countries in the near future with the solution we have developed.

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